Why You Need A DUI Attorney With Experience

The most common reason people wait to get a DUI lawyer after being arrested for DUI is concern about the cost. However, this is a serious mistake as the driver loses on valuable defense time and could end up facing more serious consequences because no one is representing their interests. As you deal with a DUI charge, consider why it’s important to have an experienced attorney by your side at this stressful and uncertain time.

DUI laws are complex

The laws surrounding DUI are complex. An attorney with experience is very familiar with all the legalities involved in your situation. They know the ins and outs and understand what gray areas may impact your case. DUI laws across the country have gotten more strict. Over the last decade, penalties for DUI have become more severe and wide-reaching, especially for those who have had prior DUI charges.

Experience in the courtroom matters

Trying to represent yourself in court on a DUI charge can be very difficult and bring disastrous results. A DUI attorney will have experience in the courtroom and also with the local court system. While the latter may not sound so important, it actually gives an attorney a bit of an edge over someone lacking experience. When an attorney is familiar with the court system handling your case–including fixtures such as the prosecutor and judge–it reduces the chances of any procedural errors in your case and also allows the attorney to plan a strategy that accounts for some variables.

The consequences can be very serious

A conviction for a DUI can result in several penalties for you that impact your professional and personal lives. You may have to serve jail time, pay fines, lose your legal right to drive and find yourself barred from employment in certain jobs once you are convicted. Your attorney, however, will evaluate the case and evidence against you and work to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

An experienced attorney also knows the science involved in drunk driving cases. Sometimes, in DUI cases, the prosecutor’s entire case relies on the evidence presented in court, but that evidence may not be sufficient; a breathalyzer test can be faulty, and a blood test may be subject to questions. Your lawyer in Denver, CO will review the manner in which evidence was gathered against you and check the processes used for errors and other faults. When you have legal representation, your rights will be protected as your case makes it way through the court system.

Being charged with a DUI is a very serious matter. Your life as you know it, your freedom, and even your livelihood may all be on the line, depending on what penalties you receive. Since the consequences might be severe, it only makes sense to give yourself the best chance of an outcome you can live with by working with an experienced DUI attorney.


Thanks to Richard J. Banta, PC for their insight into criminal law and hiring a DUI lawyer with experience.