Although the government takes steps to regulate product safety, people who have been injured by products should still be willing to take a stand to bring about changes in how products are designed and manufactured. A personal injury product liability attorney can help consumers seek justice after dangerous or defective products injure them.   All product manufacturers, producers, designers, distributors, marketers, and retailers have a duty to the public—they must assure the safety of their goods. These companies and professionals should be held strictly liable for malfunctions, defects, and failure to warn of hazards that cause injury to consumers. If a dangerous or defective product has injured you or a beloved family member, you have the right to hold the parties who put the product on the market responsible. A product liability lawyer can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

What is a Defective Product

A product, device, or piece of equipment can be unreasonably dangerous to people or their property. Defects may happen during the manufacturing process or can occur when the product is designed. Determining whether a product is defective under the law can be a challenging and complicated process.

Defective medical devices are a significant source of product liability lawsuits. Problems with vehicles and their components are also implicated in product liability cases, including:

  • Faulty airbags
  • Defective tires (often susceptible to tread separation)
  • Faulty seat belts (may break or fail)
  • Defective braking systems (easily susceptible to excess wear)
  • Car fires
  • Gas tank explosions
  • Car seat problems (defective seat belts and heated seat malfunctions that cause burns)
  • Structural issues (roofs, bumpers, quarter panels, and more)
  • Any defective equipment subject to recall

The many other areas of product liability involve items such as:

  • Electronics
  • Household appliances
  • Bicycle defects
  • Recreational vehicle defects
  • Boat, jet ski, or other personal watercraft defects
  • Workplace tools and machinery
  • Dangerous drugs (prescribed or over-the-counter medications, imaging contrast dyes, and more)
  • Medical devices (defibrillators, hip replacements, stents, and more)
  • Toys with defective or dangerous parts
  • Food products
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Product manufacturers and designers should be held strictly liable for defects. It is not necessary for a product liability lawyer to prove that a hazardous product was knowingly put on the market, only that it is a danger when used as intended or according to its instructions.

Sometimes negotiations with a designer or manufacturer are productive, and litigation is not necessary. However, when it comes to nuanced, complicated, and dynamic personal injury litigation, a battle of experts is often required. Knowledgeable and experienced personal injury product liability attorneys typically have vast investigative resources to get the job done and see the case through to a favorable resolution. 

Therefore, if you, a relative, a family member, or a loved one has been injured, and you suspect it was from a defective or dangerous product, you need strong legal representation on your side. Product liability lawyers have the determination, resources, and capacity to take effective action against the negligent party or parties. They are prepared to research, investigate, and pursue a product defect injury claim for you.