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When you are caught with drugs, you may not be sure what the different terms mean or what kind of penalties there are. If an officer has charged you with simple possession, does this mean the punishments will not be severe? Do you have jail time? Attorneys want you to know there are many different factors that go into what kind of punishment you may get for simple drug possession but you should never simply settle for the easiest solution. You may think that if a police officer charges you with drug possession the best thing you can do is not argue it and simply go to court. However, you should always seek help from a criminal defense attorney in these circumstances to see how we can help you and so we can learn more about your specific case. Call a law office now for more information. 

What “Simple Possession” Means

When you are charged with simple possession, it means that you knowingly had possession of a controlled substance (like marijuana) and that you were not legally allowed to have possession of it. It is important to note that simple possession is not the same as having a controlled substance with the intent to distribute it. Here, we refer to simple possession as the intent for personal use only. 

What are the penalties?

While there are many different circumstances that can influence the types and amounts of penalties you get for simple possession, you may find that you are sentenced to prison for no more than a year or have a fine up to a certain dollar amount. If a court convicts you of simple possession and this is your first conviction of this nature, you will likely be given a certain amount of grace with your punishment. However, if this is your second or third offense, you may find that there are much more expensive fines and you have a longer prison sentencing. A judge is also legally allowed to suspend your driver’s license. 

Does it matter where the drugs were found?

Yes, and we will want the officer to give us detailed information on precisely where they found the drugs because this could affect whether they had the right to charge you in the first place. With simple possession, a person will be charged based on whether they were found with the drugs in an area of their control, such as their:

  • Person
  • Car
  • Purse or book bag

If you were recently charged with simple possession and would like to speak with a possession lawyer in Bloomington, Illinoisabout your charges, please contact a law firm now. 


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