Why are my Loved Ones Being Neglected?

Nursing Home Common Problems

Nursing homes can be a polarizing place for people. Some people view them as a necessary step in getting older, while others see them as a place that takes away independence. Regardless of how it’s viewed, these places have certainly been a way of helping numerous individuals carry out tasks that have become too difficult to carry out on their own. They are also a great place that helps to relieve a families burden of trying to render their own around the clock care for their loved one. This is all great, but what are some of the common problems that these places are sometimes known for? Abuse and neglect has been known to occur in nursing homes, so let’s take a look at some of these issues.

Why the Abuse & Neglect?

Abuse could occur from poor practices by staff leading to bruises, cuts or even broken bones. Emotional abuse could transpire also if there are personal problems between the staff and resident that could be caused by threats or negative words. Other abuses could be a blatant disregard by the nursing home to provide the care they guaranteed out of a negativity for certain people. 

Neglect occurs for a few different reasons. Some nursing homes staff are poorly trained or don’t have the adequate amount of staff to carry out duties. When the staffing is poor, this could lead to forgotten medicine, not administering meals, dietary issues, hygiene issues or other cares being forgotten. Neglect could also show itself in lack of exercise, dehydration of the resident or even sedation.

What Can be Done to Stop

Listening to your loved one that lives at the nursing home is one of the best things that you can do. While many people dismiss some stories from the elderly, it’s important to give them a chance and listen to their concerns. If these concerns are persistent and legitimately seem to be causing abuse then document them. If neglect is occurring, it’s also important to document this and make a timeline if it continues to occur. It is possible to seek legal counsel in these cases if the nursing home is not providing the care that it guaranteed. If you are looking for a nursing home neglect lawyer in NJ, then lawyers from a firm like Davis & Brusca, LLC may be able to give you a hand.