Planning Your Divorce: Could Take 6 Weeks Or 1 Year

The stress of divorce is difficult enough, no matter how long it takes. If you are like most, then you want it to be over as soon as possible. Unfortunately, divorces are often more complex than that. Even if you have an uncontested divorce, there are a lot of different issues to consider. Here is what goes into planning your divorce and why it could take as little as six weeks or as much as 12 months.

File the Petition

Your first move in a divorce is to file a legal petition to ask or the divorce. Either party can file the petition and it does not matter if the divorce is something that the two of you agree on. To file for divorce, you need to include that you meet the requirement for divorce, that you have grounds for divorce and any other information that you need to include.

Request Temporary Orders

Divorces can take time. You need to keep that in mind and make sure that you request any temporary orders. For instance, if you have children and are a stay-at-home parent, then you need to ask for a custody or child support order. This will be a temporary order until you can come to a settlement and the court can make a decision on the permanent custody and support decisions.

Negotiate Settlements

If you and your spouse are in disagreement about different aspects of the divorce, then you will have to come up with a settlement before the divorce can finalize. This means that you will need to decide property division, child support and custody. Of course, courts may also get involved in these matters to settle the issues between parties. Some couples use mediation as a way to come up with an agreement. This is when you have a third-party that can facilitate a discussion between you and your former spouse.

Divorce can be a long process. You have to be prepared for it to last as long as a year. In most cases, if you have an uncontested divorce and you and your spouse can come to a quick agreement, you may have a shorter divorce. Every case is different! If you’re unsure about what the process looks like, make sure to discuss the divorce process with your attorney. For more information on divorce, set up an appointment with a divorce lawyer as soon as possible.