How to Know If You Are Eligible For a Personal Injury Claim 

Whether you have been in a car accident, been a victim to abuse or medical malpractice, you will wonder if you are eligible for a personal injury claim. It is often preferable to hire a personal injury attorney in Kansas City, MO if you end up being involved in an accident, negligence, etc. So, it is notable that hiring a personal injury attorney works well, as they are professional in assessing the claims and make sure you receive compensation for the damage done. 

Conditions for a Personal Injury Claim 

  • Car Accidents 

The rates of car accidents are increasing each year, but many times it is difficult to pinpoint the person at fault. Based on whoever was responsible for the car accident, you can lay your claim for personal injury if you or your vehicle have suffered damage. You should always report the accident to the police, after which they gather sufficient evidence against what might have caused the accident. If either of the driver suffers physical injuries such as brain injury, broken bones, then that person is eligible for a personal injury claim. For instance, if a driver crashed into another car because he was over speeding, or missed a stop signal, then that driver will be held responsible for his/her negligence for the car accident. 

  • Medical Malpractice 

The malpractice is usually a result of some medical error. The error can be during a diagnosis, medicine, wrong treatment, or medical care. The doctors are responsible in front of the law if they fail to provide adequate treatment, and it results in serious harm to the patient. You are eligible for a personal injury claim if you have suffered any harm or damage due to the treatment or diagnosis given by the doctor. This can be either in medication or during surgery. They will be held accountable for their negligence. Before laying the personal injury claim, the patient should be able to lay out the consequences of the medical malpractice. 

  • Workplace compensation 

All workers are entitled to a safe office atmosphere from they can conduct all the daily activities without the risk of any harm. The employees are entitled to claim compensation for personal injury if they suffered harm during their job. The claim depends on how severe the person’s physical injuries are. The worker can claim for personal injury if he/she is able to assert that they were provided with no safety measures during work and the resulting sustained injuries as a result of the failure to provide basic safety. 

Result of Personal Injury Claim 

As long as the person is able to prove the damage, harm, or injury suffered due to negligence, medical malpractice, no safety measures at work environment, injury in a public area, then you will be eligible for a personal injury claim. 

The claim would cover loss of the individual’s money, failure to provide basic health standards due to negligence, and you will receive a fair settlement for the damage that was done. 


Thanks to Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC for their insight into personal injury claims and how to know if your case qualifies.