4 Options You Have for Paying Medical Bills After a Car Accident

A car accident can result in all kinds of negative consequences. You may have injuries you’re suffering from, a car that needs fixing and a job you can’t get back to quite yet. Unfortunately, all of those things could also cause financial issues. If you’re struggling to pay your medical bills, you might be relying on a possible settlement after suing the at-fault party, but your medical providers need to be paid in the meantime. The following are four options you have for getting them paid.

  1. Personal Health Insurance

In most situations, if you are properly insured, your personal health insurance will cover your medical bills. If the insurer knows you are in the middle of a court case, they may put a lien on the settlement so they can be reimbursed should you win the case. Personal health insurance won’t cover car repairs or lost wages, but it’s often medical bills that are the biggest cost, and it will cover many of those. You may have a deductible, so be sure you speak with someone who can explain that to you.

  1. Medicaid or Medicare

If you don’t have your own insurance, there’s a chance you could qualify for a government-assisted program such as Medicaid or Medicare. These are insurance programs for individuals who fall within a certain income category. In some situations, the coverage can be retroactive, so if you already have medical bills stacking up before you’re approved, there’s a possibility they’ll be covered by it.

  1. Personal Injury Protection

PIP is a type of coverage within your car insurance plan. In some states, it is required, so as to avoid an extensive amount of lawsuits. In others, it’s optional, but there are plenty of states that make it available. If you have PIP, your injury costs would typically be covered, but you could also have coverage for lost wages as well, depending on your insurer and your state.

  1. Provider Payment Plans

Speak with your medical provider to see if you can get put on a payment plan. Sometimes you’ll be required to pay it off within just a few months, other times you’ll have a few years with no interest. These types of plans vary by provider and could be tailored to your situation, so be sure to look into it.

Contacting Your Attorney

Paying medical bills can get expensive after you’ve been injured in a car accident. Get in touch with a car accident lawyer, like the offices of MartinWren, P.C., to learn more.