Personal Injury Case: Safeguarding Your Business

Being a business owner is both exciting and tough. You get to live out your passion, but in doing so, you leave yourself more exposed to legal attacks that can upend your life in an instant. It takes one slip and fall accident to find yourself in the jaws of a personal injury case so safeguarding your business and it’s income from lawsuits should be your first and foremost actions before the good stuff of doing what you love gets underway. And while there’s no air-tight defense against every and all lawsuits, here are a couple of ways to ensure the best protection possible:

Keep records: In any personal injury case, a lawyer will always look to and negotiate with medical records. Why? Because they are an indisputable proof from a third party that an individual has in fact been injured. The vast majority of cases within and outside of personal injury are evidence-based and the best form of evidence are records. For a business owner, along with sales and income records, this also includes employee and independent contractor records, training records and archives of all internal and external communications. A discovery process will unveil all of this information and paint a picture of your business and if you’ve done things right that picture will be one showing your business adheres to the best standards thus reducing possibility of fault.

Acquire and maintain insurance: You never know when an accident is going to occur much less whether or not you or an employee are actually at fault for it so it’s best to keep some public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Along with insurance safeguarding against property damage this insurance is essential allowing you to defend against claims and maintain the regular operations of your business while going through the case. Businesses usually have to choose between maintaining cash flow and handling litigation, but with this insurance you can do both.

Stay up to date on all industry best practices: During times of great sudden change, new legislation or court rulings, industries will quickly adapt to best defend themselves against individuals looking to take advantage of a new crack in the floor. When these new practices are revealed you shouldn’t drag your heels when it comes to adopting them yourself. When things change, some businesses end up learning the hard way about the latest vulnerabilities a business could have, and in these vulnerabilities being revealed you need to do what you can to avoid their fate. Cause if you’re willingly sitting around and doing nothing, you just might deserve it. 

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